For our Custom PC's... we take the time to research the products we sell. We don't just sell anything to make a buck. If you see a system or part on our Modern PCsite, it is because we have taken the time to research and see if the system or part is worth spending your money on. We don't want you to get your new computer home and have something fail on it 6 months down the road. We realize that there are rare instances when a quality name brand part will malfunction. We try to counter this problem by testing each and every system before it leaves our facility. We also try to carry parts that come with the longest manufacturer warranties we can get, so that "if" something should go wrong, (even after our warranty) that you are still covered, and that  part can be replaced with little or no cost to you. If you are sold quality components with good warranties, we see no need for selling extended warranties. That is money that should stay in your pocket!Another Modern PC

We offer custom built personal computers and servers for a reasonable price. We are a full service company, offering sales and technical support. We can build you a custom system from the basics, to a super computer for an amount that is affordable to even the smallest business or household. We specialize in Custom built PC's to your specifications, and we can help your company with its networking needs.

Our company takes pride in customer satisfaction.  We want you to be happy with your computer purchase, and offer complete customer support. If you are inexperienced in operating your new PC, we can help you. A customer should always feel free to call, if they have a question. Upgrades are also available. Bring us your old PC and let us look at your upgrade options. 

Why should I buy a Custom PC?

You have asked a good question and we hope to answer that for you!
So you are in the market for a computer. Maybe you have had one before or maybe this is your first computer purchase. The first thought would be..."If I am going to pay this much money for a computer I am going to buy a well known name brand computer."

We certainly want you to buy the best computer for your money!

Everyone's first thought is to start looking in the paper for those Super Store Sales, but is this the best system for your money? They make those computers sound so good, with and offer that is too good to pass up.

 Let's examine those ads for a second. First off look at the Retail Value of that computer and remember you are going to pay that price at the checkout, not the sales ad price, and you will pay the appropriate Sales Tax! Then you are given your store rebate form to fill out. This rebate could be a good savings IF you
remember to fill it out and send it in with the required proof of purchase. If you remember good for you! If you don't Great for the Retailer! Then in some cases they also offer you a rebate of considerable amount if you sign up with a certain Internet Service Provider (ISP). So you sign up for it, and about 3 months down the line you are not happy with this service. If you cancel you have to pay back the money for the rebate. So is that really a savings? We don't think so.

CX Creative doesn't offer rebates, we think that if the computer is of good quality and at a good price, you don't need to offer rebates.

Another thing that will happen is the store will try to sell you an extended warranty on this computer. This is a big money maker for them, and really unnecessary. Most technical issues with hardware generally happen within the first few months of use. After the first year if there are any problems, they are generally software related, or from something like lightening, or power surges. And in those cases, those are not usually covered under any warranty.

We offer a one (1) year Warranty for parts and labor on systems we build. After that year is up, most of the parts have their own warranties, from 2 to 5 yrs. In some cases Lifetime warranties. Those are generally replacement warranties.
If you buy a computer today, and keep it for a year, then at the end of a year you are going to want to upgrade it. As components get bigger and better, so does software. So if you have an older computer you are going to find it harder and harder to find software that will run on your system. New software will tell you what requirements it needs, and if you system isn't quite up to speed, upgrading is the next option. Upgrades are not generally covered on an extended warranty. And in some rare cases, they can't upgrade the board without replacing other parts as well, and by the time you get 3D-Labs Oxygen GVX1 Video Cardthrough with your upgrade you could buy a new computer.

For some manufacturers, they build proprietary NON Standard computers. What does that mean? Well it means that if you decide you want to increase your Ram, or put in a bigger hard drive, you have to buy the EXTREME premium priced components ordered special from the manufacturer. And in some cases they didn't build your computer to be upgradeable, thus you are forced to purchase a new one. You will learn real quick that going to a store to get your parts is impossible.

We offer computers that are built with Industry Standard equipment. This means they are interchangeable, with any brand name part you wish to use. And generally we build them so they have lots of room to grow, either by putting in extra ram chips or even more than one hard drive, or CD Rom.

Aren't Custom Built PC's more expensive?

Not if you do your homework. First off the words "Custom PC's" makes you think custom meaning special more expensive parts. This is just not so.
AMD Athlon Configuration Graphic
A custom built computer is just that. It is custom built to suit your needs. It doesn't mean the parts are any more expensive than the components in a Name Brand system. It does mean you have more options. The most important part of a custom built system is it is more upgradeable than most name brands. We have had many customers frustrated because they bought a computer at a store, and when they wanted to upgrade found out the board was maxed out. And the cost of putting in a new board is as much a purchasing a new system. Where as a custom pc is built with a much more upgrade friendly configuration.

At CX Creative we are particular about the components we use. We research the market and find components that offer the best warrantees. In some cases a warranty for some components can be 3 to 5 yrs and in the case of Ram memory, we only buy Lifetime warranty. That combined with our (1) year warranty on the entire system, means there should be no reason to get an extended warranty.

Authorized AMD Dealer  Authorized AMD Reseller

So with that said, you can put "that" money back in your pocket.
Intel(R) Internet Storage Solutions Building Blocks
Now let me ask you, do you know the name brand of the components in your Store Bought computer? I bet you don't. We tell you what is in your custom built system, along with explaining why we used those components. You also will receive the Drivers software along with your Operating System software. This makes working out software issues much easier than in some of the bigger name brand machines. They have proprietary software, all combined on one CD, and call it a restore CD. So if there is a software problem they tell you to put the restore CD in the drive and follow the prompts. However, one customer we had was alarmed to see it completely reformat their drive and reinstall from scratch. Thus losing all their files.

  Authorized Intel Reseller
In many cases, when you buy a Store PC, you don't get the software at all. They preload it at the factory. Then if there is ever a problem you have to call the manufacturer and have them send you a restore CD, than in some cases they want to charge you for it.

At CX Creative, you get your licensed copy of Windows with the CD. Drivers are also included, for all the hardware that is installed.

Overall, buying a Custom Built computer is much more reliable and in the long run will probably serve you better.

Please Note: We offer a multi-system order discount, and a special discount to Educational institutions.