Web Site Design 

Website Representation encompasses...

Technology Consultation
If you are unsure how to present yourself or your company on your website, CX image of a man looking at a computer screenCreative can suggest how best to do so, calling on its experience in organizing and publishing information on the web. Consultation services can include setting up a prototype website for you and your company to review. Our Strategy Consultants work with you to understand your businesses, your value sources and your customer and stakeholder behaviors. They research your business from the perspectives of business efficiency, information and service delivery and technology architectures. They try to spot the obvious and not so obvious sources of value, which are hidden in the value chain or are getting competed away due to undifferentiated technologies and services. They then cast this knowledge and understanding into business models, revenue streams, cash flows and investment timelines that make sense for investment decision-makers. And they generate strategic alternatives and help to select the best, to ensure that your organization does indeed exploit what the Web has to offer.

Website Promotion
CX Creative can help you publicize your site by submitting it to various search engines, indexes, reviewers, and by publishing announcements on websites or e-mail lists devoted to your field. 

Website Maintenance & Administration
CX Creative offers maintenance services that keep your site up-to-date on a weekly or monthly basis.FrontPage icon and screen shots
This maintenance includes adding or revising information published on your site and checking to see that links to other sites are still valid. We can also review your site and correct errors created by other web designers, a step that ensures easier maintenance in the future.

Website Analysis and Appraisal
CX Creative provides Web Analyzing services which would allow you to monitor the quality and performance of your website. We analyze existing website and give out precise report on the problems and improvements need to be done for the website. We will analyze the website on its Design, User interface, features, loading speed and layout.

Web Presence
Today, most businesses are recognizing the need for a Web presence !!

image of man and a woman looking at a laptop computerA Web presence provides cost-effective, real-time advertising for today’s business. The Web makes rapid feedback from potential customers possible unlike any other advertising media. This market will continue to rapidly expand and is here to stay ...

As technology becomes more affordable, an Internet presence is becoming a business necessity in maintaining a competitive edge. CX Creative believes that good websites should adhere to international quality standards. We therefore ensure that our websites have

  • A strong graphic design that is consistent throughout a website gives a sense of coherence as well as aesthetic pleasure. We customize the graphic design of your site to your specifications and tastes.

  • A well-organized website takes into account both the nature of the material to be presented and the nature of your audience, making sure that vital information is only a few clicks away. Even a one-page website benefits from intelligent organization and presentation of material--for a complex multi-page website, good organization is absolutely essential.

  • An exciting and rewarding experience while exploring a website , not a frustrating one. Intelligent organization supports ease of navigation, but it also helps to have the right buttons in the right places. Users should be given a good idea of how to get from one point to another, with dead-ends and unnecessary backtracking minimized.

The Designing & Development Section of CX Creative provides Web Designing services using state of the art web technologies in order to provide optimum satisfaction to our customers. We are proud to produce websites developed using web technologies which include HTML, DHTML, CSS, ASP, CGI/Perl, Java Servlets, JSP, PHP, VB & Java Scripting on popular web servers like IIS, Apache with database support from MS SQL Server 7.0, MySQl server, Oracle coupled with the most advanced graphic designing software from Adobe and Macromedia.

Our servers are powerful, reliable, and our technical support is unsurpassed!!